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Isaac Otikiro

Team Lead & Founder


Isaac's growing story inspired our Vision. Growing up in a rural community in Odukut, Katakwi District in Eastern Uganda, He witnessed a number of issues affecting child development especially insufficient parental involvement in child growth

He quotes "A parent is the first and the best teacher a child can ever have" Since then Isaac has gained experience in child development, Leadership, fundraising, and Management.

His passion and determination to help vulnerable children thrive and reach their potential is our driving force.

Ritah Anyait 

Financial Associate

She has witnessed the continued evolution of our financial department since she joined the team. With extensive experience in accounting and Business planning, Ritah offers unique skills in handling the project Accounts department.

Caroline Akiteng

Co-founder & Programs Manager

Caroline is one of our veteran team members and has played a critical role in shaping our mission and programs.

Her growing story in a co-parenting environment where her father shouldered all the responsibility of training  her and her siblings after a misunderstanding that prompted her mother to leave them at a tender age, she further explains how poor parent-child relationship kills the ability of children to thrive and reach their potential

Joseph Ooja

Human Resource Manager & Head of Business Development.

He has focused on developing the organization with great integrity and Values overseeing our administration and Business development.


Anh Nguyễn 

Board President (Chair)

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Anh is a Product Director, bringing strategic and leadership experience to our organization. She is passionate about psychology, social impact, animals and sustainability. Her commitment extends beyond her professional role, as she dedicates her time to numerous charities and social causes, in 2022 she was a Global Social Impact Fellow at Moving Worlds.

Anh's dynamic background and hands-on approach make her an invaluable leader, driving our NGO with a vision for positive change and a genuine concern for the well-being our communities. 

Isabella Ward

Board Member 

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Isabella is a Lawyer, her professional journey encompasses strategic planning, research, and collaboration across diverse groups. She is passionate about social impact, human behavior and innovation. She believes that to promote lasting positive change in the world we need to start with children, acknowledging them as the most precious members of society and the architects of our future.

Sophia Ijeomah,

Board Member 

Sophia is an Educational Consultant and teacher who believes that child development starts with parenting styles and strategies. Drawing from her experience as both teacher and parent, she leverages her expertise to make a meaningful impact in the humanitarian space. She believes that every adult is a product of their childhood, and conscious effort should be made toward shaping children at an early age.

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