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Hear from the parents we work with on how BCU has impacted their and their children's lives


My name is Rose Atudo and I am caregiver of seven grandchildren, most of them are at school. For me Bold Child Uganda came in a perfect time to equip and train me on how to take care of my children, communicate with them and formulate good relationships among them. I am happy and appreciate Bold Child Uganda for the amazing work.


My name is Gabriel Okou, and I have one child. Before I joined and got training on child development, I didn't have confidence as a parent on how to raise my child. I have confidence now and I want to thank Bold child Uganda.


My name is Sarah Amongin and I have one child, I didn't know how to talk to my child most especially when I was angry. But I want to thank Bold Child Uganda for teaching us how to talk to our children, I am now a better mother and I know how to control my anger.


My name is Esther Acor and I am a single mother of one child, my husband got me pregnant and left me. I want to thank Bold Child Uganda for training me on how to care and treat children at home. I am happy that I have knowledge to raise my child well.


My name is Daniel Oluma, my father used to ignore me when I wanted to talk to him. He used to beat me badly, but ever since he attended a training from Bold Child Uganda, we are now close and good friends.

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