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Nurturing Bright Futures: The Bold Approach to Parent Training at BCU

Updated: Jan 2

In the heart of Bold Child Uganda's mission lies a transformative initiative aimed at reshaping the landscape of childhood development. Through a thoughtfully crafted program, BCU endeavors to empower parents and caregivers with the skills and insights crucial for positive parenting, effective communication, and a profound understanding of their role in their child's growth.

BCU's Background:

Our founder Isaac Otikiro, growing up in the Odukut village in Eastern Uganda, witnessed the challenges faced by children in his community, including his siblings. Disturbed by low-self esteem and neglected kids, also pregnancies and marriages of teenage girls ––including his two sisters, Isaac realized the need for change.

Children's Reality in Uganda:

  • 34% of girls in Uganda are married off before their 18th birthday.

  • Over 7.5% face early marriage before turning 15.

  • More than 64% of the child population in Uganda experiences child labor and abuse.

  • More than 15,000 Ugandan children are living on the streets.

  • 84.9% of children (aged 1-14 years) experienced some sort of physical punishment and/or psychological aggression by caregivers.

The Significance of Parent Training: Unlocking Potential, Ensuring Success

Bold Child Uganda is committed to breaking this cycle. Our program objective is to lay a strong foundation for lifelong learning, providing parents with the tools to foster their children's well-being and success.

We aim to create a supportive ecosystem that nurtures the development of children, offering parents practical skills to navigate the complexities of parenthood. By investing in parents, we are, in turn, investing in the future of our children—laying the groundwork for their growth, development, and long-term success.

Research shows that that childhood experiences significantly influence future development and overall health. Parental warmth, acceptance, and constructive communication correlate with positive self-image and cognitive development. Learning motivation is also profoundly influenced by the quality of parent-child relationship. The emphasis on a healthy environment and supportive parenting is the base of BCU's program.

The benefits of parent empowerment extend far beyond the individual, creating a ripple effect of positive outcomes. Better social and emotional skills, behavioral improvements, and contribute to healthier family systems.

Collaboration for Lasting Change: It Takes a Village

We believe in collaboration as the key to success. The program will not only involves parents and caregivers, but we also want to reach teachers and the broader community in a shared mission. Parents become active participants in their child's journey, educators are empowered with effective strategies, and the local community becomes an extension of the child's learning environment.

The Curriculum:

The 4-week curriculum comprises parenting training and a dedicated week for Parent-Led Puberty and Menstrual Education. Covering themes from Parenting Science, effective communication, understanding emotions, to Stress Management and Conflict Resolution. Our curriculum aims to equip and empower parents to understand their roles and respond effectively to their children's developmental needs.

Menstrual Education: Breaking Taboos, Building Confidence

Recognizing the importance of addressing menstrual and sexual education, we introduced a focused program to prepare parents as partners in menstrual and puberty education. The modules cover body anatomy, menstruation, and menstrual hygiene, aiming to increase confidence, parental involvement, and also reduce absent students during menstruation.


Mission: Cultivating Foundational Parent-Child Relationships

Our goal is clear – to cultivate foundational parent-child relationships, mitigating the vulnerabilities faced by marginalized children. The program focus at promoting parental involvement in child development, amplifying parent-child relationships and building confidence in both children and parents.

The well-being of our communities start within families. They play a crucial role in shaping the next generation into emotionally resilient, responsible, and educated individuals. Children are the most precious members of our communities. They deserve to experience their growth in secure and loving environments, guided by nurturing caregivers. Join us in creating a supportive ecosystem that provides the best opportunities for children!

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