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BCU initiated its inaugural Parenting Training program in Adacar Village, Usuk sub-county, Katakwi District, Eastern Uganda. The three-month curriculum was conducted at the community coordinator's home, delivered twice a week, 12 of the 16 of the initial registrants completed the training.

Our program, is centered on child rearing and development basics, targeted young parents aged 18-35, predominantly farmers dependent on seasonal rains for their livelihoods. Notably, the training accommodated single mothers, caregivers, and couples, emphasizing inclusivity.

Our goal is to equip parents with practical skills to catalyze their children's development. Bold Child Uganda aspires to extend this impact, reaching over 8 million young and prospective parents in the next decade, transforming parental involvement in child development across marginalized communities in Uganda.

All 16 parents expressed gratitude for Bold Child Uganda's impact. They reported positive change in their homes:

  • Increased confidence in handling and responding to their children's needs.

  • Enhanced leadership qualities, contributing to better parenting and children's growth.

  • Improved ability to find engaging ways to communicate and build strong bonds with their children.

  • Heightened understanding of roles and responsibilities in child development.

  • Learned effective stress management and better parenting techniques.

  • Acquired improved disciplinary measures, promoting a nurturing environment and preventing child abuse.

  • Demonstrated readiness to identify and nurture the unique abilities in their children, pledging support as needed.

You can read more about our first program here.


Bold Child Uganda relies on membership contributions for its operational income. As founding members, we commit to contributing Uganda Shilling 120,000 (approximating $30 US Dollars) monthly to support the organization's project budget plans and activities. Our 2023 financial report is linked below.

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