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BCU was started in December 2022 with the idea to support and promote parental involvement in child development so they can attain success and reach their potential.

Isaac Otikiro grew up in Odukut village, a rural community in Katakwi District in Eastern Uganda witnessing a number of neglected, undisciplined, antisocial, and Low-esteemed children including his siblings failing to thrive and reach their potential because of issues associated with child development.

For him seeing teenage girls including his two young sisters get pregnant before their 18th birthday and being married off at a tender age was a horrible experience and something he needed to change.

He believes that all children have unique abilities and potential to succeed. Still, a majority of them fail to achieve success due to insufficient parental involvement and lack of knowledge especially in child development.

He then started BCU with a mission to promote parental involvement in child development while enhancing parent-child relationships.


We envision an empowered parent-child environment that unlocks the potential, well-being, and future of children.


We work with the most marginalized communities where most children are vulnerable to child marriage, child abuse, child labor, and streetism, communities with high school dropouts, and complex cultures targeting children.

We recruit and train uneducated and uninformed caregivers, guardians, Educators, Young, single, and becoming parents between the ages of 19-35 and who are/yet to be involved in child development.

Why do we target young parents?

In Uganda, 91% of Marriages happen between the ages of 16-35 and the Ministry of Gender, Labor and social development further revealed that Most young parents enter into marriage with anxiety, frustration, Tension, fear, irresponsibility, and without any knowledge of child rearing therefore they end up raising Low esteemed, antisocial and undisciplined children.


Why does this matter to them?

Equipping them with skills, strategies, and Knowledge on child development will Empower them to support, and build foundational Parent-child relationships and High self-esteem in children that creates an excellent environment for child growth.

This practical training highlights parent talking points, parent-child responsibilities, and day-to-day solutions and strategies to respond to all issues and concerns of all children 


  • Build strong, healthy, and supportive family systems. 

  • Safeguard and promote the well-being of marginalized children.

  • Endorse, promote, and advocate for children’s rights, especially for children vulnerable to all forms of abuse.

  • Continuously design research-based solutions for issues affecting child development in disadvantaged communities.

  • Promote and work for social development, capacity building, and entrepreneurship skilling of economically and socially disadvantaged parents and children.

  • Advocate for and collaborate with Parents to support menstrual hygiene and sexual reproductive health and provide information.

  • Campaign for awareness on the aforesaid issues by disseminating among the general public.

  • Mentor and offer guidance that will enhance the capacity of vulnerable children to succeed. 


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